Sunday, June 21, 2009

Experiment 3 - Final Submission

1. Link and ReadMe

Final UT and Sketchup:





A couple of pointers about exploring my architecture.

- The two elevators are both based of the ever reliable "UseTrigger", simply walk into the centre and press E and the elevator will move to its destination. The dining table will trigger if you move to the left after you spawn

- While in the Obama office area, walking down stairs may be difficult (although walking up is fine). You can get through easier by looking down as you walk. For some reason the UT man is ridiculously fat. Like 1.5m fat...

- The small elevators used to move you to the dining space from the two lobby's (inside the 'bridge') don't always work straight away. Best just run around a bit on them until they move. They are programmed exactly the same as the properly working movers, yet they don't like to move straight away for some reason

- A glitch occurred last night that resulted in an object appearing in the game but not in the editor. I have covered it up with an anti-portal, which may result in not being able to see parts of my architecture from certain viewpoints. This is a minor effect though and is hopefully not noticeable

2. Presented Images and Description

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